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How much does it Cost to Move to West Virginia?

Are you a nature enthusiast with a penchant for outdoor adventures and a taste for pepperoni rolls? A move to West Virginia might just be the perfect haven for you!

Nestled amidst picturesque landscapes, West Virginia offers not only affordable homes but also a cost of living that beats the national average. Picture this: the most breathtaking autumn spectacle on the planet, and the luxury of experiencing all four seasons in this charming state. If you dream of a place where your days can be filled with outdoor pursuits, and your children can grow up surrounded by amicable neighbors, then West Virginia beckons with open arms.

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How expensive is it to live in West Virginia?

West Virginia takes the crown as the 53rd least expensive state in the U.S., making it an economically attractive choice. The cost of living index here is a mere 78.1, significantly lower than the national average of 100. Let’s talk numbers – an estimated $1537 for an individual and $3662 for a family of four covers all living expenses, making it 1.41 times less expensive than the U.S. average.

The job market in West Virginia has seen a modest increase of 0.5% in the past year, and the income tax hovers between 3% and 6.5%. After taxes, the average salary in West Virginia stands at $3411, enough to comfortably cover living expenses for 2.2 months. Furthermore, commuting in this state is a breeze, with an average one-way travel time of just 25.7 minutes.

Is rent expensive if you move to West Virginia?

Owning a home in the beautiful Mountain State is a steal. The median home value is a mere $110,544, almost half the national median. Even renting will not burn a hole in your pocket, with a studio apartment going for $556 and a spacious 4-bedroom home or apartment for $1,135.

Are you paid $12,000 to move to West Virginia?

West Virginia is not just luring with its natural wonders and affordability. In the era of remote work becoming a sought-after perk, the state has rolled out enticing programs like Ascend West Virginia, offering remote workers relocation assistance of up to $12,000, along with other complimentary perks.

What is the cheapest city to live in West Virginia?

Huntington, West Virginia, stands out as one of the most budget-friendly cities in the state. A typical residence here carries a price tag of $106,100, making it 68.6% more affordable than the national average of $338,100 and 24.1% cheaper than the typical West Virginia home at $139,700. For those considering renting a two-bedroom unit in Huntington, the monthly cost is $890, reflecting a 37.8% variance from the national average of $1,430 and a 3.4% difference from the state average of $860. For a comfortable standard of living in Huntington, West Virginia, it’s suggested to have an annual income of at least $30,000 for a family, given they own their house, and $20,160 for an individual.


Surveying the state, it’s clear that West Virginia as a whole boasts an unbeatable mix of affordability, natural beauty, and a welcoming community. With stunning landscapes, budget-friendly housing, and a cost of living below the national average, West Virginia is the ideal choice for those seeking an affordable and adventurous lifestyle. Let’s start by getting you a free quote for a move to West Virginia!