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6 Essential Tips for a Successful Long Distance Move

In a world where flexibility is the new norm, individuals across the United States re-evaluate their lifestyles, contemplating the key ingredients for a future filled with health and happiness. The surge in remote work has mobilized professionals more than ever, while others are considering relocation to explore job opportunities in a changing economy. Moving is a difficult task, but armed with these invaluable tips, you can ensure a successful long distance move!

Make a Detailed Plan

Kickstart the process by creating a comprehensive to-do list and establishing a timeline. Work backwards from your scheduled arrival date, accounting for the relocation of household items, family members, pets, and vehicles—whether together or separately. Coordinate essential elements such as food, shelter, and clothing during your journey. Keep your plans organized by consolidating to-do lists, calendars, receipts, and estimates into a centralized file.

Hire a Licensed Long Distance Moving Company

Once your plans take shape, reach out to multiple moving companies for estimates. Comprehend the inclusions within each estimate and review the insurance options available. Most moving companies offer limited coverage, prompting the need for additional protection. Don’t forget to procure separate estimates for vehicle movers and pet relocation services, if necessary. Once you have selected your movers, make flight and hotel reservations.

Downsize your Belongings

Before the big move, take a significant chunk of time to downsize. Toss the clothes you haven’t worn in a year, part ways with kitchen appliances gathering dust, and bid farewell to books you won’t read again. If it is not used, loved, or necessary for survival, consider donating or hosting a garage sale. Doing this will help reduce the cost of your moving estimate and make packing and unpacking a breeze.

Prioritize Essentials for your Long Distance Move

As you start packing, prioritize the items you need immediately. Create an “open-first” box with essentials for the first weeks in your new home—think towels, bedding, a few pots and pans, and dishes. Having these items at hand will make the waiting period for your moving truck far more comfortable.

Manage Mail, Utilities, and Records

Stay on top of administrative tasks by submitting a change of address with the post office to redirect your mail for a year. Plan ahead by shutting down utilities at your current address and setting them up in advance at your new home. Gather important records, including school, medical, and veterinary documents, and tackle driver’s licenses, car registrations, insurance, and voter registration at your new address.

Travel Preparation for Your Long Distance Move

Before hitting the road to your new home, plan for a smooth journey. If you are travelling with kids and pets, keep them occupied with travel breaks, snacks, and charged devices. Take the opportunity to sightsee or visit friends along the way.

By incorporating these tips into your moving strategy, you can manage the challenges of a long distance move with confidence. Go ahead and get a free quote for your first long distance move!