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6 Practical Tips for Stress-Free Temporary Relocation

Life often presents situations that require you to move temporarily. Maybe you are heading off to college or perhaps you have snagged a one-year job opportunity in a different city. In such instances, it is best to avoid committing fully to your temporary housing in order to save time and money. Today, we explore 6 practical tips to make your temporary relocation completely stress-free!

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1.      Focus on the essentials for your temporary relocation

Pack only what you truly need. Rather than lugging everything along to your temporary residence, concentrate on the essentials. Transporting all your possessions to a temporary location can increase your expenses, especially if you are relocating for work or education to another country. Also, when you reduce the number of your belongings you can settle down in a smaller place with low rent and cut down additional expenses.

2.      Keep the remaining items in a storage unit

 If you have decided not to bring certain belongings to your temporary residence, where should they go? If you are permanently moving out or your former residence is now occupied by tenants, you will need an alternative storage solution. Using a self-storage is probably the most feasible choice. This is not only convenient but also expected to be cost-effective.

3.      Consider opting for a furniture rental

Purchasing new furniture for your temporary residence is unnecessary since you will eventually have to deal with selling or disposing of it. Renting furniture could be a more cost-effective option. You can return it to the rental company at the end of an agreed-upon term that fits your needs. Moreover, you can easily find online local companies with a range of rental options including sofas, beds, consoles, and even TVs!

4.      Update your mail address before the temporary relocation

If you are preparing for a short-term move to another city, state, or country, and do not have a house sitter back home, remember to update your mail address, especially with your bill providers. Other things that you should consider canceling or transferring before you move include gym membership, pet services, monthly subscriptions, and housekeeping. If this is too much of a hassle for you, you should consider switching permanently to an online-only mailing list.

5.      Avoid making too many modifications to your temporary housing

An important rule of temporary relocation is to remember not to form strong attachments to your temporary housing. Considering it is likely a rented space, making permanent modifications is not an option anyway. Therefore, avoid investing in new curtains or custom furniture. You should focus instead on adding personal touches such as photos and ornaments. These items will make your short-term rental apartment feel like home. They can also be transported easily to your next residence.

6.      Hire a professional moving company

A short-term move does not eliminate the need for professional movers to help with the moving process. If you plan to relocate in a short span of time, it would help to contact a professional moving company instead of trying to pull off the whole thing on your own. Professional movers know what they are doing and employing their services will make the temporary relocation completely stress-free. Also, with the assistance of professional movers, you can better protect your belongings and avoid injuries.

Temporary relocation is as exciting as it is stress-inducing. Follow these simple tips and ensure a hassle-free move!