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Here’s What to Pack When Moving

Moving to a new house is an exciting journey, but knowing what to pack when moving can be a challenge for many. Meticulous planning is the key to comprehending your initial packing priorities and maintaining an orderly process during the move.

What to pack when moving

In this guide, we have jotted down a structure that will help you identify the best order of packing when relocating.

Create a Checklist of What to Pack When Moving

Whether your move takes you to a neighbouring locality, a different state, or even another country, the entire process can become chaotic. The sheer volume of tasks and micro-tasks can easily overwhelm you. To ensure nothing falls through the cracks, it is advisable to create a detailed checklist as a pre-planning measure. This checklist will act as a chronological record of all your tasks, enabling you to monitor both completed and pending items.

Make an Inventory

Nothing is more frustrating during packing than realizing you’ve missed a crucial item. In addition to your checklist, it’s prudent to compile an inventory of your belongings, organized by quantity and priority. Go through your residence, itemizing everything from trinkets to essential appliances. This inventory will help you maintain an accurate account of everything that must be packed for the move.


Another crucial pre-packing step to take is to declutter your possessions and select only those that truly warrant the move. Give away items such as dated clothing and dispose of items no longer needed. Once your home is decluttered, you’ll be well-prepared to pack up the remaining items.

Hire a Professional Moving Company

Before starting the packing process, it’s wise to secure the services of a reliable and professional moving company. Have them conduct an assessment and provide you with a detailed estimate. This will allow you to adjust your budget or potentially reduce the quantity of items being moved based on the moving company’s recommendations.

The Best Order of What to Pack When Moving

Now that you have a strategic plan in place, it’s time to commence the packing process. Although it may seem like a formidable task, with this list of items to pack first, along with your checklist and inventory, you’ll soon complete your packing with ease.

Storage Items

Begin by packing items stored in a storage unit or your garage. Typically, these items are already organized in boxes, simplifying the sorting and repacking process. Don’t forget to reuse any sturdy storage boxes you may have on hand.

Decorative Items and Out-of-Season Clothing

Next, consider packing decorative items, like photographs and artwork, several weeks prior to your move. Similarly, out-of-season clothing may remain untouched for several months post-relocation, making them ideal candidates for early packing.

Essential Rooms

In the days leading up to your move, focus on packing the contents of your most frequently used rooms, including the kitchen, closets, bathrooms, and bedrooms. To stay relaxed during the moving day, pack a weekend bag containing essential items. This way you won’t have to rummage through boxes to locate crucial belongings.


Lastly, prioritize the largest items in your home, namely your furniture and the contents within. These should be the first to be loaded onto the moving truck, as they will also be the first items to be unpacked in your new abode.

Wrapping Up

By following this efficient order of packing, and taking all the crucial pre-packing measures, your move to a new destination will be a well-orchestrated symphony of tasks. The moving process will undoubtedly become more simplified with the aid of a professional moving company by your side. We wish you all the luck for a smooth and happy relocation!